Martin Der Matrose

Hello, I'm Martin, better known as Martin der Matrose (German for Martin the Sailor)

After many years living in groups, I got a deal to sail on the Oosterschelde in 2001.

It was cool to be away from school and all the other shit, for 6 weeks I worked as a cook aboard the Oosterschelde although I got seasick in the beginning, I got over it. After this trip, I started on the Vita Pugna(Amsterdam), a motor vessel for bicycle-tours. I worked as the assisstent cook. Having done this, I changed to being mate on a cargo vessel, transporting sand on the interior waters. A hard job, so after a while I changed again. This time to the wonderful world of traditional sailing vessels, Flatbottoms.

I started on the Citore, and became quite good in coordinating the young and elder passengers to sail together on such a vessel.